Containers explained in [SQUARE M²]



[Herbert H. Kliegerman]

Founder / Curator @ iGrow News

[Greg Payne]

CEO @ Box4Grow

[Sergej Lugovic]

Founder @ Vesela Motika

[Peteris Ozols]

Construction & Design @ [Square m²]

The population is growing and so is the demand for fresh food. We have to think about how to feed the world and how to make fresh food available anywhere in the world especially if the surrounding environment is not suitable for traditional agriculture. We have invited industry experts to share their knowledge on this topic and discuss the possibilities for mobile growhouse solutions.

Schedule [03.11.2021]

1:45 p.m.– 3:45 p.m. CET

Panel discussion: Container greentech in practice

Speakers: Herbert H. Kliegerman, Greg Payne, Sergej Lugovic, Peteris Ozols

A one-day summit about [container architecture] of relevant, quality over quantity content, [partnerships], network and mastermind sessions and future of [next generation property & urban development].