Shipping containers used in construction are usually second hand. That serves a great purpose – upcycling and recycling of materials. Additionally to container many advantages this also adds the advantage of green living. With containers you have to think outside the box, there are many solutions like...

These houses can be built using both new or idle containers and old or scrap containers. Architects are building houses of different shapes and sizes using these giant blocks. With use of shipping containers, the builders can construct sustainable and affordable homes with high quality.

Container Hub has transformed space using shipping containers with a unique design into the first pop-up dining,entertainment and co-working. In the previous decades we have witnessed the use of many materials in creating spaces that can host various functions, not only for economic or financial reasons but also for environmental, in addition to the expenses of getting rid of these materials or reprocessing them by any mean.

Creating your own farming space inside a container enables you to grow crops all year round and once modified, allows you to control growing conditions such as climate, soil quality and heat and light exposure. Most importantly shipping containers can be stacked to each other by that it saves space so you can grow your crops vertically.